Cyndi's Pet Styles provides the best care for your pet!

I have been working with purebred and mixed breed dogs for  over 25 years  pampering and caring for your pets. As an avid dog owner myself,i realize your pet deserves to be treated like royalty.



Our services include grooming and related services. A full grooming includes hair cut, nail trim and file,  ears cleaned and full bath and dry. Other services available upon request. All pets must be on flea treatments. We  do some cat grooming, although they must be used to being groomed and handled. 

A pet that is groomed often, is a happy healthy one! 


               Tuesday      alternate hours; 9-5 or 11-7
              Wednesday     8-4
               Thursday         9-5
           Friday &Saturday  9-5


We have  25 plus years of experience working with breeders, dog show handlers,  veterinarians and boarding kennels.